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Endorsement Letter from Geneseo School District

I have added this endorsement letter from a school district in the US to show what Taylor Protocols could do for your organization! The endorsement below is just one of many. Taylor Protocols really works in all kinds of settings. Please feel free to call me on: +31 (0)6 42587600 if you want to find out more!

November 19, 2012

Dear Reader,

My name is Scott Kuffel. I am the Superintendent of Geneseo United School District in Geneseo, IL. I have a deep interest in equipping every teacher in my district to be the best they can be; delivering the highest level of education to our students.

In June of 2012, we invited Taylor Protocols to bring their Leadership Training Profile™ to our district and work with 60 teachers and principals in the area of leadership development. Our intention was to further develop our leadership teams to carry out the strategic initiatives of our district through better team interaction.

A subsequent training was conducted in August of 2012 with a ‘Train the Trainer’ model where I brought 15 of my top leadership staff back into the room to be certified in the best standard practice of coaching using the Core Values Index™. My intention was to have a small cadre of coaches that would be prepared to carry out learning opportunities with other teachers and students in the district.

Taylor Protocols recently spoke with me to learn about the progress we have made in our district as a result of working with them. Below are my responses. I hope you find them useful.

What was the overall impact from taking your lead teachers and administrators through the Leadership Training ProfilesTM?

“We felt like a shade was lifted! Our communication awareness has increased and in turn evolved into a greater appreciation of each other. We are more aware of ourselves as individuals and how we work/fit together. We now understand we are capable of much more when we honor each other’s Core Values. Most importantly, we are designing and delegating project tasks to individuals that are in alignment with their Core Values. The effect this has had on morale and productivity is amazing.”

What is happening with the 15 CVI™ Trained Specialists? Are they starting to work with Teachers and Students on the Best Standard Practice process that we taught them? What are the results?

“We are currently doing 3 follow up work sessions with each of the 15 individuals in preparation for them working with groups of teachers and students in the district next semester. Thus far, the response has been very positive. This has gone better than anticipated. We believe we have a grass roots level personal and professional optimization that is happening amongst the teachers in our district that have been exposed to the CVI™ so far.”

What have you noticed about job/task assignments now that you have a better understanding of how your staff is wired?

“We have restructured our leadership teams and community task force. Every leadership team has defined assignments, roles and tasks associated with the projects that have been assigned. Meetings are structured around the Core Values to honor everyone’s contribution types. This has also resulted in restructuring work plans and targets to boost performance. Overall, there is more clarity and intention around projects in the district.

I’ve also restructured a position in my cabinet by taking a collection of tasks off one person’s desk and placing them on another person’s desk. This resulted in not needing to hire an additional body. This alone is a fantastic return on our investment from our work with Taylor Protocols.”

Can you quantify any return on your investment?

“Yes, I absolutely can! We downsized from 6 clerical staff to 4 and have no need to add additional bodies based on optimizing the assigned tasks of each person. In addition, we did not replace a director level position carrying an annual salary of roughly 100k. These savings directly fall back into the districts spending budget – a 33% reduction in workforce for clerical and a 33% reduction in central office administration!”

Would you recommend us to other Superintendents? What specific value proposition would you describe to them based on your experience so far?

“Yes, I already have recommended Taylor Protocols to other Superintendents. The greatest value one can have is knowing who they are and what they can bring to an organization. There is no greater value than having this knowledge. There is not a textbook or a technology available to the education community that provides what the CVI reveals to us. This has been the best tool I’ve seen from start to finish with this kind of scientific, reliable information that is directly tied to human interaction and productivity.”

I believe that working with Taylor Protocols and the CVI™ will completely transform your organization. I can’t think of a better way to become familiar with the Core Nature of the people you lead. The results are there, and we expect to take this even further to our student population. We imagine introducing every incoming Freshman to their Core Values Nature™ and use this understanding as a way to better prepare our students to know how and where they can make their highest and best contribution to their world.

Consider working with Taylor Protocols in your district. They are a sharp outfit, and have created the most powerful assessment tool I have ever seen!


Scott Kuffel Superintendent of Geneseo United School District

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