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Who are you?

Most people answer this by saying their name, adding a job title or general work description, such as, “I’m an engineer.” Nothing wrong with this answer, it declares an occupation which most people are able to quickly translate into some form of description of likely interests and skills, and it provides a way to name and to identify you.

The provision of this information gives us, at the social level, a chance to decide whether we are interested in this person’s work, likely experiences and background, and whether asking and answering more questions is of any interest right now.

A man may be the work he does, but only if that work is the work he was created to do.

My role in life is not who I am.

My career or occupation is not a description of who I am.

These issues relate more to what I am.

So, who are you? is a question that needs a much better and more real answer. Because it is who you are that dictates your calling in life, your meaning and purpose—and it is the linking between who you are and your daily work that leads to fulfillment, if and only if, what you do is aligned with, and is a valid and constant expression of, who you are.

So, if you truly want to know who you really are, what your essence is, then consider contacting us to do a comprehensive CVI assessment (information about this test can be found here (Dutch) By investing € 175,- you gain priceless insights in who you were made to be…

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