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Hiring the right person, guaranteed.

There has never been an effective way of characterizing and measuring the core values make-up of a person. How can we possibly quantify this essential nature—the real self?

It is this organic, unchanging part of us that gets warped by environment (parents and circumstances) into a set of beliefs, attitudes, and ideas, about why it is better to be who we are not, than it is to be who we really are.

It is spiritual agitation at the core values level that causes a person, after a short time on the job, to change from the perfect future employee who promised he loved the work that is required, into someone who is finding ways to avoid completing some nonaligned tasks. He begins to find other things to keep him busy—other tasks to do that better align with his Real Core Values Self.

This person who has sold himself into a wrong position is not likely conscious of his reasons for defocusing from the required tasks onto tasks that he prefers at a deep level. This leads to frustration on the part of the employee and the hiring manager.

Eventually this leads to anxiety on the part of the employee that he may be failing, may be fired, may not be “liked” or is unappreciated, which in turn leads to immature responses, acting out, or greater failures to perform in certain ways.

We become physically and emotionally exhausted from doing tasks that are not aligned with our deepest identity. We lose energy and motivation. Eventually we can become self-destructive and socially disruptive if we do not fix this situation.

We must change our jobs (either change the one we were hired for) or change to another job within our current company, or leave to find a better core value–aligned job elsewhere.

So the churning of employees through multiple jobs in our society is a churn that works at the top end of performers who have high self-respect, and works at the bottom end—low self-respect people who fail badly enough to be fired. In fact this is the way most companies have evolved into their present culture, even their current design of people-based systems and processes.

It is more likely than not that the person hired was only loosely suited to a given role. And, being in a growing company, there is significant allowance for entrepreneurial energy. So each person develops their position into a role that better suits them.

Do you recognize the picture painted above? Did you know that, in average, it costs a whopping 3-5 years’ salaries to replace a wrongly-hired employee, without the guarantee that the next time you’ll hire the right one? Do you think this is exaggerated? Think again and read this (links to a Dutch article). Can your company really afford to take a chance and hire the person that is wrongly motivated internally? Taylor Protocols helps you in hiring the right person the first time. Guaranteed, period. Fill out our contact form and we’ll tell you how.

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