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Step into your destiny

Dear Reader, A friend from Bethel (Redding, Ca.) named Paul Manwaring, posted this earlier today and it’s exactly what Legacy Consultancy is all about! Enjoy the read!

“People around us are being impacted when we love what we do.

What would it look like if everyone expressed their unique component of themselves by simply doing what they love? What if we were so focused on the pursuit of our passions that as we pursued these endeavors —our true objects of affection— we couldn’t help but leak out our vitality, our life, without even trying? That, in itself, is contagious!

When you do what you love, you’re in destiny!

When you’re in destiny, you’re perfectly and utterly expressing the very nature of who you are, ringing true to the reason you’re on this earth, walking in your true authority. No one else can walk in the level of authority, passion, and love that only you were created for. The degree by which you love something determines the degree by which your destiny is being walked out.

Love breeds passion. Passion breeds vision. Vision breeds a heart cry, creating a spark which will ignite the endless burning embers of desire, creating hope which will move a nation, an organization, or a movement in a heartbeat. You want to know what your biggest call on the earth is? It’s simple, be the biggest lover you can be before anything else.

The greatest warriors are the greatest lovers, because love compels them to war. Love compels you to something. It requires action. You can’t love something and not see results. What if, like those warriors willing to lay down their life in covenant relationship for their brothers, we approached our everyday life with that intensity? How much change could we see, how many lives could we impact just by doing something as simple as loving what we do, pursuing our passions?

Love is the compass always pointing directly North to Him, to your destiny, to your purpose. Find out what it is you love. Once you know that, pursue it wholeheartedly no matter how big or small it may seem to you.”

Take the CVI now and find out who you were made to be and what your passions are. The free CVI can be found HERE in Dutch! The multilingual version of the CVI is found HERE! (choose either English, Dutch, Hebrew, German or Spanish!) All tests are free of charge! Enjoy!

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