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The 80/20 Principle Still Rules the Day

Vanaf vandaag zal ik een serie business artikelen in het Engels publiceren, gericht op het bedrijfsleven. Tussendoor ook Nederlandstalige posts voor het grote publiek! Abonneer u op inspiratie!

As of today I will be publishing a series of business-related articles, focused on the trade and industry. In between I’ll also be posting for the general public. Subscribe to inspiration!

The Wilfredo Pareto 80/20 rule is strongly present in companies seemingly across all industries—20% of the people produce 80% of the value. Since most companies are profitable, the improvement of efficiency from 20% to a more acceptable 75% causes not just a nominal increase in profitability but a multiplication of net profits.

Every year American business leaders purchase $1.3 trillion dollars in business automation products, and another $60 billion in training. The problem is that this investment is mostly wasted. With 70% of the people in jobs that do not significantly engage them, we are trying to train people to be who they are not.

We are trying to systematize the wrong people, and often even the wrong set of job functions. By building systems to make 70% of the wrong people more effective doing the work, we make the intrinsic job different from the one the top performers loved to do.

The other major factor in finding the key to human productivity is the culturally accepted purchase of a person’s skills and experience as the keystone to hiring decisions. Since the dawn of the industrial revolution this purchase of skills and knowledge without regard for the in exchange for a salary or wage is custom. Through Taylor Protocols™ CVI™ we’ve uncovered a new way to hire new staff, based on wired-in core values that will make te person successful in any given job. Check our page on hiring solutions, or better known as Taylor Protocols Employee Pre-Selection Sciences™

If you recognize your company as one that is struggling with the above, please don’t hesitate to contact us @ We have a solid, scientificly proven toolbox, called Taylor Protocols™ that can generate a dramatic improvement in business-results, literally flipping the Pareto principle upside-down.

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