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Self-Improvement or just being yourself?

Why Self-Improvement is NOT always the best course of action to take

Everybody is talking about personality tests, strengths and weaknesses assessments, self-improvement, and on and on and on. I wonder how long it will take for people to get tired of constantly “fixing’ themselves. Don’t get me wrong, as my website already indicates, I strongly believe in personal growth. Yet, I also know that many are doing it wrong.

There’s a time and place for improvement…

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens” Ecclesiastes already exhorts us in chapter 3 verse 1. Of course, there are always areas where you CAN improve. You can improve your skills, or learn new ones. You can gain new knowledge or experiences. You can also improve on a personal level – how you communicate with people or manage your anger. You can read more books, visit conferences and seminars and grow at all levels.

Yet, all of the above won’t change who you ARE.

…But there’s a part of you that will never change, no matter how hard you try.

Who you are when you’re free to be yourself (for instance when you take action, when you come into a conflict or solve problems) is what I’m addressing here. This is where your instincts kick in and lead the path. There are the patterns you follow without even realizing it. You use your energy in certain way. You do some things and avoid the others. You do this without giving it any thought and even if you try to do it differently, you realize that you simply can’t. It’s so normal to you that you don’t even think about it. This is how you’ve always done it and you just keep doing it.

Sometimes people around you joke about your obsession to have everything in its place or accuse you of being slow to make decisions because you need more information. Not you? How about you changing your mind so quickly that it’s hard to follow – or maybe resisting the change and having to know everything in advance?

You might be pushed to change the way you have been doing tings, but instead of “personal growth” you hit the wall noticing that no matter how hard you try, you just can’t sustain different behaviour. It’s not about what you “know” or “like” or “want”. It’s about what you “do” or “need”.

Let me give you an example. For instance, I need relationships and the input of people to perform at my highest level. Everything I do is very relational. I need relationships. If I come to the place where there’s no room for relationship and everything is very businesslike, my first step will be to create relationship. Only then I can move ahead and focus my energy on other things. Take relationships away or force me to focus on something else without allowing me to create it, and you will have somebody who is frustrated, stressed, without even knowing why. Your “thing” might not necessarily be relationships. It might be need for change. Or need for interruption. Or need for structure. Or need of information. How about stability? Does any of the above sound familiar?

Occasionally you might wonder what’s wrong with you that you keep doing this thing over and over, you might even feel guilty about it.

The moment you discover the true YOU, suddenly everything starts making sense.

You then realize that there’s nothing wrong with you. Who you are is completely FINE! And the thing that’s been driving you crazy all these years is actually a God-given strength that makes you unique and valuable.

Here’s what I want you to consider today…

Is what you’re trying to improve truly something you CAN improve? Or is it something that makes you who you are and trying to change it will actually slow you down, possibly even stop you completely?

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to find out the answer on your own. But the good new is that there are tools out there that can help you strip down what CAN be changed and show you who you truly are – when you are free to be yourself.

Are you ready to start a journey that will set you free once and for all? I’d be honoured to support you in this process. First step is on you…

The freedom to be You with the Core Values IndexTM

People perform their best when they’re free to trust their instincts. Personal assessment tools have historically focused on measuring the cognitive (IQ) and affective (personality) parts of the mind. While these tools are at best helpful in hiring and selection, they can’t measure the instinctive or conative dimension of the mind, which is far more predictive of actual performance.

Validated by more than 20 years of case studies and academic research, the Core Values Index TM measures four instinctive patterns of behaviour, or Core Values, which determine an individual’s natural method and inclination of problem solving, learning styles, positive contribution in group settings and conflict handling.

These core values are:

· Power – (Builder)

· Love – (Merchant)

· Wisdom – (Innovator)

· Knowledge – (Banker)

Unlike all other personality tests, which tell you what’s wrong with you and how to change it through behaviour, The CVI TM tells you what’s right with you and how to make the most of it. We are most productive, work with less stress, and get a greater sense of accomplishment when tasks are done in ways that are true to our instinctive nature.

Taylor Protocols’ CVI TM analyses the way people take purposeful action and provides strategies for improving individual and group performance. As a Taylor ProtocolsTM Certified Consultant, I have the unique tools, training and expertise to help you:

·getting you to know the real YOU

· improve job performance

· increase productivity

· launch rewarding careers

· enrich personal relationships

With the help of the Taylor Protocols TM online CVI TM assessment and analysis we’ll use this age-old truth to dramatically improve your business, work or relationships.

Claim your CVI TM assessment together with a private consultation with Jelmer Dijkhuizen to discover your unique strengths and the best ways to leverage them at your work, business, or relationships.

The Core Values IndexTM is a birth certificate to freedom, authenticity, validation and encouragement to be exactly who you are and it helps you to perform at your very peak. Because who you are is perfect and the only person you will survive and thrive being.

Here’s what’s included in your Freedom To Be You package:

·one (1) Core Values Index TM …to discover your unique strengths

·private 90 min. consultation with Jelmer …to maximize your performance

For as little as € 210,- ($ 285) you can not only understand your strengths, but also leverage your potential and maximize your performance.

But that’s not all! Claim your CVITM assessment today and I will throw in half an hour of Taylor Protocols Career Advice TM absolutely FREE! It offers great guidance on how to make the most of your natural, God-given talents in a current job.

If you choose further coaching we will also touch on the following subjects:

·What are your deepest fears and passions?

·What and how do you choose to learn?

·What is your primary calling?

·What gives you a sense of purpose?

…and much, much more!

I look forward to help you be the best you!

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