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Are you living on purpose?

2013 is here! Have you made your New-Years resolutions yet? Eating less, quit smoking, everyone wants to make a change in their lives once in a while. But why are so few people really able to make changes? I believe most people are simply meandering along, letting life “happen” to them… 99% of the world lives life from day to day, trying to “get by” trying to figure out the next best move, doing their best to adjust as life comes at them 100 miles an hour.

But that is not living on PURPOSE, it’s just living… There is a BIG difference… What does it take to LEAD with purpose, what does it take to create a POSITIVE impact.

That’s what we all want right? It’s pretty universal, business owners want to create an impact with their life, product or service that generates income, leaders want to create a positive impact on the people around them to effect growth and change, parents want to create a positive impact on their children so they are able to succeed and grow.

That’s living your life, while you are creating a Legacy.

So why’s it so hard? What is holding you back?

I have noticed more and more that people love to sit on the sidelines and talk about growth, talk about change, talk about impact, but VERY few are willing to get out of their seats, take risks, and cause change.

It’s not easy, and it’s not safe either, but it’s required in order to make a real difference. Think about that thing in your life or your career you know you need to do, the thing that you have been putting off, the thing that actually could make a difference. It’s probably risky, but you know you need to do it.

“It’s so hard, and I’m so busy” you say, but really deep down you KNOW that is just another excuse. We all have the time and energy for the things we make time and energy for.

If you want that impact, that GROWTH you are looking for, its time to get off your butt, and take action. It’s time to take a little risk, it’s time to put in the extra work, and start CREATING the impact, change, and GROWTH required to go where you want to go.

Are you ready to take action? If so, fill out your free CVI on the homepage and do the on-purpose training (details about this training are in the pull-down menu on the homepage, menu 4) Make a change NOW!

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